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TAPNBE is an end to end mobile engagement platform that allows you to create your own mobile engagement campaigns without any website programming or App programming. The Tapnbe Engage Point Designer allows you to create Clear, Concise and Consistent Landing pages. Engage people on their mobile devices using bluetooth beacons, NFC Tap or QR Codes.


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Tapnbe Mobile Application

The Tapnbe App is a physical world browser that allows you to interact with the world around you. Specific, relevant and timely online content provides you with information about where you are standing, what you are looking at or what you are experiencing. Call to action buttons and custom menus allow you to immediately interact with the content owner and dive deeper into their online content. Upon engagement with the Tapnbe system you will be presented with a very clear, concise and consistent landing page. You will quickly become accustomed to seeing and interacting with this simplified style of landing page and web pages on your mobile device just won't cut it anymore..
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